Jellyfish and the Preschool Music Concert!


The Jellyfish were lucky enough to be a part of the Preschool concert! We worked with the Dolphin, Penguin, and Smiley Shark classes to create a concert for our parents. Please watch our movie that shows us singing and performing! We have worked all year with Ms. Peachy, our music teacher, to explore movement and music.

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We also had our last Jellyfish Family Breakfast this morning. Thank you for a great school year!



Samurai Hats!

Mommy Hiroko came to our classroom to show us how to fold a piece of newspaper into a Samurai hat! We were able to see pictures of Samurais and learned they were old Japanese warriors. She taught us how to make our hats by giving us step-by-step instructions. We worked hard by watching how to complete the each step and then trying it on our own. Thank you Mommy Hiroko for showing us how to make these wonderful hats! We had so much fun!

IMG_8695 IMG_8696 IMG_8697 IMG_8698 IMG_8703 IMG_8705 IMG_8704 IMG_8708

Big Body Play

What is big body play? According to the NAEYC, big body play is the very physical, vigorous, boisterous, and sometimes bone-jarring play style many children love and crave.

Big body play allows children to explore what their body can handle, how to move with refined control, and how to successfully play with others.

Our children experience big body play while going outdoors and attending PE at ISM.

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Down below are a few images of what big body play can look like. IMG_8490

IMG_2473 IMG_2476 IMG_2478 IMG_8496 IMG_8500 IMG_2493 IMG_2496 IMG_2510

A Busy Week in Review!


We had a wonderful pajama day with our classmates and teachers!


We practiced our concert songs with Ms. Peachy this week! We cannot wait to show our families!


Our class got to make coffee filter art with markers and water! It spreads!


We met with Ms. Liz before we started our interactive art experience at the art show!



This group have become the illustrators of our class book. They are working hard to add pictures to our story!

Ms. Tasha's group is creating a puppet show too!

Ms. Tasha’s group is creating a puppet show too!


Ms. Jeng’s group is creating a puppet show based on our class book.


Ms. Randee’s group is creating a play out of the class book!


PS4 visited Kindergarten this week! We were able to explore the hallway and peeked inside a classroom! How exciting!


The bulletin board had all of the teachers names on it! So much fun!

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Rockets… Up, up, and away!

The Jellyfish class began making a giant rocket out of cardboard before Spring Break. After returning, they went straight to work and finished their F1 Rocket. They continued researching for more information by tweeting at NASA astronauts and watching videos sent in by Ace’s daddy. The children continued to add to their play and wrote a class book about a dinosaur that went into space!

IMG_2013 IMG_7529IMG_7528

We ended our week by making mini-rockets using water, vitamin C tablets, and film canisters. Some of our rockets didn’t go very high but one shot over the fence! We noticed that the water turned yellowish/orange and there were bubbles forming. Watch our videos and look at our photos from this amazing science experiment!

IMG_7647IMG_7644 IMG_7643
IMG_7642 IMG_7637






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Stay tuned for more…we are in the process of creating a Rocket Show/Birthday Party for our parents!

International Day 2015

Thank you to everyone in the Jellyfish Community! We had such a wonderful time learning about all of our home countries, looking at flags, playing outside, and enjoying food from around the world! We loved learning new information from our parents and grandparents! Mommy Carrie played a game with us, Mommy Delphine shared a book about France, Mommy Emily taught us about Australian animals, Mommy Cyndi held a Swiss parade, Mommy Jenny shared a video about China, Mommy Adrianne shared facts about St. Patrick’s Day, and Mommy Karola taught us a game from Estonia! Thank you for being a big part of our flag ceremony and lunch everyone! Take a look at our slideshow from today…


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Costume Planning and Sharing!

The Jellyfish students took on the challenge to plan out their International Day outfits. They all took a Flat Stanley doll home and designed a costume. The students came back and shared their plans with everyone in the class. Take a look at what we are going to wear on International Day!


I am wearing a dress from Korea. I will have purple nail polish and a braid.


I will wear my Argentina jersey. I am not from there. I like their team.


I am wearing a different design t-shirt. It has a pirate monkey. I have brown sandals and no socks with green pants.


I am wearing a purple beach dress with a pink cap. I have a flag in my hand. I have blue nail polish and purple shoes.


I am wearing black jeans, curly hair, and yellow and pink shoes. I will wear the jellyfish t-shirt. My sister helped me make this. I will wear purple nail polish.


I am wearing qipao. It is a Chinese dress with a peacock on it.


I’m thinking of mom (heart near head). I love her! I have flags on my arms. I have Canada buttons on my shirt. I am going to wear jeans and blue eyes. I am going to have a painting on my cheek!


I am wearing my England shirt! I am wearing white shorts with a heart.


I am going to wear red pants and a blue shirt. I am wearing brown shoes and a flag!


I am going to wear a Kazakhstan shirt. I am going to wear blue pants and my fire shoes. I have a flag.


I’m wearing a cowboy hat and an American shirt and blue pants.


I don’t know what to wear! We are still deciding.


I’m going to wear Estonian clothes but not this one. I have different ones.


Black and White Art

Ms. Liz had us explore shape by painting and drawing with black and white materials. We began our art projects by tracing blocks and shapes on to our paper. We then used white paint on black paper and black paint on white paper. Because of the paint choice, the students were able to focus on lines and shape. Wonderful stories were created to accompany the artwork. The students were focused and put much time and effort into creating a masterpiece! Watch our video to take a look!

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Robots and Tanzania- A look into our week!

Our first big event this week was Skyping with Ms. Maria! She agreed to chat with us and answer our burning questions about East Africa and Tanzania.
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We ended our week by attending ISM’s Robolution! Our class has been waiting for this day for weeks..and it finally arrived. We went as presenters and as learners. The Jellyfish taught others how to run and play with the Beebots. We also took time to wander around and learn about what other things robots can be used for!
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